Monday, May 04, 2015
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Famous Moms Trivia

Famous Mom Trivia Celebrates Mother's Day


Starting Thursday, April 30th and going through May 6th listen for Famous Mom Trivia weekday mornings at 7:30 for your chance to answer the trivia question of the day.

The correct caller will win a spot in the Mother's Day luncheon at Sapona Ridge Country Club on May 8th for a Mother and a guest.                                 

Miss the morning question, no problem!  Just check out our facebook page and have 2 more chances to win.  Better yet, give it a shot online with the daily question.  

All correct online answers will be qualified.  See facebook for special qualifying instructions.  Only one qualifying entry will be accepted.

See official contest rules for more details and good luck!

Today's Question

Common gifts on Mother's Day include flowers, dinner in a restaurant, jewelry, gift cards and clothing.  but, according to numerous surveys, what is the one thing mothers would like the most?

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